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They achieve success but fail to replicate it. Pipedrive helps salespeople change that through AI

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Shaun Shirazian

Automation of manual labor, simplification of communication, and easier deal closing thanks to generative artificial intelligence. This is facilitated by the new set of tools, Pipedrive AI, from the Estonian scale-up Pipedrive, which has developed a CRM platform for marketing and sales specialists in small and medium-sized enterprises. The suite, based on OpenAI and internally developed AI models, automatically analyzes data and sales workflows, predicts customer behavior, formulates and personalizes interactions. Last but not least, it streamlines task completion, offers insights based on customer data, helps identify deals with a high probability of success, and thus facilitates daily decision-making.

„The goal of Pipedrive has always been to offer easy and efficient solutions to help small businesses tackle sales challenges, improve processes, and increase revenue. With the newly implemented artificial intelligence, sales teams have the opportunity to use their time more efficiently, place greater emphasis on each customer interaction, and thereby enhance their performance. We have always focused on delivering new innovations and agile responses to our clients‘ needs. Pipedrive AI thus includes the most important benefits for our customers, which will continue to develop. Our team is already testing a new set of many features that we plan to launch later this year,“ says Shaun Shirazian, CPO of Pipedrive.

Shaun Shirazian
Shaun Shirazian. Author: Pipedrive

AI helps write emails or choose other proven applications

The sales assistant with artificial intelligence helps salespeople identify sales patterns and decide on deals with a high probability of success. The assistant identifies sales patterns and recommends deals with high potential for success, contributing significantly to time savings and enhanced work performance. It also streamlines processes through intelligent automation, focusing on priority activities such as recommending emails to send, setting up meetings, planning calls, and other actions.

Writing emails with artificial intelligence. Based on beta testing at Pipedrive, sending an email generated by artificial intelligence takes an average of 44 seconds, while sending an email without AI help takes an average of 9 minutes. The new integration thus enables the user to create compelling sales emails, with options for tone (professional, friendly, standard) and length (short, standard, long). This feature helps overcome „writer’s block“ and personalize emails on a large scale.

Email creation. Author: Pipedrive

The email summary feature allows the user to summarize email conversations with one click, understand the general sentiment of email threads, and assess the customer’s readiness to close a deal. This allows for efficiently navigating email chains, creating relevant content, and maintaining easy contact with customers with minimal effort. It saves time, increases clarity, and helps the user focus throughout the workday.

Smart app recommendations help choose the most relevant and best apps in their category to further increase productivity. Recommendations are generated based on already used apps or apps used by similar companies.

Author: Pipedrive

Searching the Marketplace platform with natural language. Users can more quickly find relevant integrations that address their business needs or issues. They do not need to know specific services, their features, or key words. Artificial intelligence helps reduce the threshold for keyword sensitivity, decreasing the number of empty search results based on provided context.

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