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If you’re looking to work with a young, motivated team that combines expertises from both technology and humanities to create revolutionary well-being-centered AI-based solutions, you’ve come to the right place. 


PromethistAI, a Prague-based high-tech startup (early-stage) with a global ambition and an award-winning Conversational AI technology and team, is seeking a Conversation Designer to be involved in the process of creating conversational content for applications operated by our wellbeing-centered AI Digital Personas.

ABOUT PromethistAI 

At PromethistAI, we specialize in multimodal Conversational AI with a focus on developing and empowering Digital Personas – virtual AI beings that prioritize human care. Our team includes a diverse range of experts, such as AI researchers, developers, psychologists, linguists, and graphic designers, who collaborate to create Digital Personas and multimodal apps using our proprietary platform, Flowstorm. We strive to achieve global business objectives by pushing the boundaries of personalized advisory services with a holistic well-being approach and goals.

Digital Personas are powered by an in-house platform Flowstorm that uses state-of-the-art algorithms on the one hand and a simple visual drag-and-drop editor on the other to make the development of multimodal Conversational AI applications and Digital Personas easier and accessible to a wider public while giving its users maximum creative freedom. Flowstormers may use ready-made tools available on the platform and create their own reusable assets which they can share with each other. The goal of Flowstorm is to liberalize Conversational AI so that people from different backgrounds and fields can create voice assistants that are smart, adaptive, reliable, personalized, and have a rich set of skills and conversation abilities.

What can you look forward to?

  • Working on a product with global potential 
  • Working on developing Digital Personas that help people improve their well-being
  • A great group of people from different disciplines who understand each other perfectly
  • Lunches together as a daily ritual
  • Regular breakfasts together, where you not only have some good food with your colleagues, but also get an update on what’s going on in the company
  • The possibility to combine working from the office and working remotely from home
  • Agile development – your work is quickly reflected in the product

Role responsibilities

  • Writing conversation flows based on guidelines
  • Reviewing existing conversation flows
  • Talking with our Digital Personas and suggesting user experience improvements
  • Using text generation tools (e.g. GPT3) and adjusting the outputs based on specific guidelines (prompt engineering) 
  • Implementing and refining conversation strategies
  • Analyzing and assessing interaction data

How do we imagine you?

  • You’re fluent in English (C1)
  • You have excellent communication skills
  • You’re able to learn to work with new technologies
  • You’re adaptable
  • You have a team spirit
  • You approach things systematically
  • You have at least 80% capacity (4 man-days/week)
  • You have a desire to be part of a team that wants to change the world!

Skills/experience that can make you an even better match for the position:

  • Experience with analytical tools and spreadsheet data
  • Experience with programming languages
  • Chatbot/Voicebot design
  • Game design
  • UX/UI design
  • Narrative design/Creative writing

If you meet many but not all the criteria and feel you may be a good fit for the role, we encourage you to apply here:

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